I'm Exyl, an 18 year old Egyptian/Canadian creator studying in Vancouver.

My story starts on Discord. I exchanged help with fellow creators there, and gained skills from 2016 onwards. I grew a lot as an artist. In 2018, after leaving my hometown, I chose the name Exyl. Back then, I made House. It was a popular genre at the time, then I focused on video-game music contests and won many small contests.

In 2019, Discord hosted a competition. To others, it was just a cool event. But to me, it was a big chance. The contest duration was 4 days. I made the music & visual for “Ping!” in that limited time. My skills in animations were bad back then: it’s a miracle I pulled it off on deadline. The end result was simple visuals, which accompanied the iconic song nicely. ​

Tragically, I lost the contest, but one of the judges liked it a lot. I got on the winner’s blog. With the blog feature, I got a few views, but the hype died. My ambitions shattered by school, and I didn't create anything for a very long time. But suddenly, I woke up to an inbox with hundreds of messages and tens of thousands of views. In one day, months later, my passion project went viral. At that moment I realized that I finally have a good reason to do what I enjoy 8)

I'm pretty much a bedroom producer. Besides creating, I enjoy gaming & running my own community server. If you'd like to have a chat, stop by at Flute Gang. See you soon!

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